If you are still unsure of the benefits of Internet service, you are not alone. Companies can offer goods, services, marketing, customer support, collaboration, research, and much, much more. eCreativeZone can help you with your needs by keeping your solution simple and cost effective.

So get on the highway and give your business an edge by putting the world at your fingertips.

This scheme includes the following features:

  • Digital Catalog
  • Integrating your products with Online Payment System
  • Design dialog
  • Cyber Store Design Team assigned to project
  • 15 Hours content development
  • Borderless Frames (may be built to accept optional custom Flash movie)
  • Will accommodate virtual tour module
  • JavaScript rollovers
  • Co-location image “pop-up” (up to 50 product images and description)
  • Shopping Cart
  • Concept JavaScript site map
  • Captive Link Frames
  • Photoshop master rendered images
  • Site Submission to Search Engines
  • Bulletin Board Feature
  • Guest Book Feature Set
  • Shopping Cart Feature Set
  • Site Creator
  • Catalog Maintenance
  • Description of each product in separate page
  • Submission of each product to search engines
  • Payment Processing Feature Set
  • How Transactions are processed
  • Manual Payment Process Online
  • Online Credit Card Transaction


  • All Payment Order Information Encrypted
  • Public/Private Key Encryption
  • Automated Encryption Key Management
  • Order Notification
  • E-mail customer receipt
  • E-mail order notification to merchant
  • Order Delivery
  • Secure Transaction Log
  • Built in Tax and Shipping
  • 3 Tax and Shipping Zones

Note: The features can be added or removed as per customer requirements.

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